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Ireland’s Favourite Bank

Bank of Ireland is Ireland’s primary commercial bank, and one of the largest financial services groups in the country; an organisation that has been around since the 1700’s, it holds a meaningful place in the national conscience. With a history spanning centuries, keeping pace with today’s rapidly changing financial landscape can be challenging; to stay at the forefront, Bank of Ireland must ensure it is attracting and developing the very best professional talent.

Bank of Ireland released their latest Inclusion and Diversity agenda in late 2016. Critical to its success is an awareness and openness, across all levels of the organisation, of the opportunities and challenges the agenda presents. Atomic DNA’s goal was to help translate this top-level corporate agenda into emotionally impactful content that is relevant to the day-to-day lives of the Bank’s employees.

Women’s Day in March of this year presented an opportunity to bring it to life through a content based campaign. Having met a wide range of Bank of Ireland employees, and from independent Atomic DNA research of large organisations, we acknowledged there is a mass of employees that feel quite detached from the larger organisation agenda items. With this in mind, we were keen to find a way to move the topic of inclusion and diversity away from jargon and into a tangible reality. This resulted in the core creative concept:

Many Voices: One Bank.

“The Atomic DNA team secured a deep understanding of our organisation to inform our internal and external communications. We greatly value their expertise, customer centricity and professionalism.”

Brigid Roche, Senior Leadership & Talent Manager, Bank of Ireland

The simplicity of the concept enabled us to very literally demonstrate the negative impact of a homogenous workforce and the value of a diverse range of contributions. As part of the campaign, we captured stories and perspectives from a wide cross section of staff, which strengthened buy-in across the organisation and resulted in a very strong launch.

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