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The world’s most innovative company

Salesforce consistently ranks number one on Forbes’ list of The World’s Most Innovative Companies. Having pioneered the SAAS model, it is now driving the digital transformation of the world’s most ambitious and progressive companies – of all sizes.

The EMEA Marketing Team at Salesforce tasked Atomic with helping them meet their Small and Medium Business sales targets. Our first step was to mine extensive customer and market data to develop an entirely customer-focused campaign. Our research spotlighted the primary decision-making role of SMB founders in the CRM purchase decision – but also a lower awareness and perceived fit between the technology and their organisation’s needs.

We developed three clear objectives: to increase awareness at the owner/founder level; to demonstrate the value of using Salesforce for smaller companies, and to build the pipeline of SMB prospects in key European markets. To narrow the focus, we prioritised fast-growing companies in set vertical markets.

To engage founders, we turned first to emotion and empathy – channelling their unique personal relationship with their business and customers. Recognising the epic efforts of all founders to woo, win and keep their first customer, we applied the same emotion to the task of scaling customer numbers. Our simple platform, Make every customer feel like your first customer, captures perfectly the Salesforce value proposition for SMB’s.

Emotive advertising and a video series brought the proposition to life and drove traffic to a rich content portal featuring case studies and a learning portal to teach founders how to use Salesforce to benefit their business. A gated self-assessment tool that diagnoses a company’s technology and customer experience helped move prospects further down the funnel towards conversion.

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