Building an Integrated
Marketing Communications
Strategy for E-Learning.

Microsoft Partner Training

Microsoft provides its Western European partners with the training and certification they need to understand and sell Azure, its cloud computing platform, and tailor its products to suit each client’s needs. Atomic Beta designed a new e-learning portal that would increase training completion rates and encourage more partners to enrol in the courses offered.

The Challenge

Microsoft’s previous Azure training portal was underutilised. Course completion rates were low because partners either weren’t aware of it or didn’t fully understand how getting certified could benefit their business.

Thus there was a concern that partners were ill-equipped to consult with customers, understand their challenges and offer solutions. Atomic Beta was tasked with designing a user-friendly educational experience and communication strategy that would incentivise its sales partners to complete more courses, more often.

The Approach

We first conducted an in-depth performance analysis of the existing training portal, course content and communications to pinpoint problem areas and map out user journeys based on five defined personas: marketing, sales, systems engineer, developer and IT architect.

Working closely with Leading Learning Partner Association, Microsoft’s learning partner in Western Europe, we designed a new training portal and communications framework tailored to each of these personas in line with the project’s key objectives:

  • Inform
  • Educate
  • Engage
  • Encourage

The goal of this multi-pronged approach was to increase course completion rates and motivate more partners to use the training portal.

The Solution

Our solution was rolled out in two phases. First, we launched FutureProof, a new website designed to be a powerful e-learning hub, with user-friendly navigation and clear, concise copy for a smooth UX. Partners can quickly find the learning path tailored to their role, and understand what they’re learning and why.

A new website needs traffic, so the next phase comprised a hyper-targeted email communications and social media strategy to encourage sign-ups,as well as an email nurture campaign to urge course completion. This included creative assets and content.

The final piece of the puzzle was a plan to turn partners who complete courses into ambassadors who would champion the benefits of training and certification to their peers, thus spreading awareness of the e-learning portal.

“The platform is up and running and engagement levels have improved. I presented it to our internal stakeholders and they liked it so much that we are looking to extend it to other audiences.”

Laura White,
Western Europe Partner Channel Marketing
Manager Enablement,

The Results

The website and communications strategy delivered by Atomic Beta provided Microsoft and its learning partner with the materials necessary to improve the engagement and effectiveness of its training programme.

If you’d like to see how a user-friendly website and hyper-targeted communications strategy can help build a stronger sales pipeline for your business, get in touch with Niall or Brian today.

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