Crafting a Hyper-
Marketing Pilot.


Dataiku is a fast-growing centralised data platform that helps businesses on their journey from analytics at scale to enterprise AI. Atomic Beta was asked to launch an account-based marketing pilot with a small number of strategic accounts to show the value of a highly customised programme.

The Challenge

Dataiku has been working to expand its presence across the UK and turned to Atomic Beta to conduct an account-based marketing pilot that would provide critical support to the sales team in penetrating high-value named accounts.

The Approach

Atomic Beta’s Success Development Representatives worked closely with Dataiku’s sales and marketing teams. We conducted research and account planning to select strategic accounts with the best long-term revenue potential, confirming the current situation within each prospect and determining the decision makers.

  • Maturity assessment
  • Marketing and sales workshop
  • Scope definition
  • KPI setting
  • Buying group mapping
  • Strategic insights
  • Business case
  • Sales enablement content
  • Personalised assets
  • Programme blueprint
  • Door opener campaign
  • Hypertargeted support
  • Pilot phase
  • Stakeholder comms
  • Assess ROI/CAC
  • Prepare for scale
  • Knowledge transfer / hiring

The Solution

Once we finalised the key people to approach, we used the insights gathered during the research phase to establish what content would be most appealing to each account, which ensured relevant buyer interactions throughout the process—an essential element in the success of this pilot.

We then engaged our target audience with a high-touch campaign across multiple channels, highly customised for each individual to show that Dataiku understood their business and was interested in helping them. We also coordinated with marketing to advise on door openers such as personalised mail and accelerators like VIP event invitations. The next step was an effective follow-up strategy consisting of various outbound tactics such as calls, emails and InMails to confirm delivery and set up meetings with these accounts.

“This pilot has convinced us of a hyper-personalised approach to ABM, especially where Success Development Representatives are doing the heavy lifting for sales and marketing on each strategic account. High relevance and care will always yield fantastic results!”

Romain Doutriaux,
Europe Marketing Director,

“With a minimum time investment, I was able to make great strides on my most difficult strategic accounts, understanding who to engage at the highest level with a perfect approach.”

Paul Horbury,
Account Executive,

The Results

The highly customised ABM pilot programme created by Atomic Beta brought Dataiku’s sales and marketing teams together and assisted in building relationships with strategic accounts. This resulted in multiple meetings with key decision makers and helped drive attendance at a VIP event.

Are you ready to get started with account-based marketing? Watch our webinar with Nicky Briggs, ABM Research Director at SiriusDecisions, and Brian Smith, Atomic Beta’s Business Director, on the basics of ABM.

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